Low Stress Lodging

At Howl n' Woof, we strive to keep all of our dogs stress-free. Therefore our Lodging services are primarily reserved for dogs that are current or former Daycare members.

We've found that dogs who only visit us for occasional Lodging are much more likely to display signs of stress and have conflicts with the other dogs. When this happens, it also becomes more stressful for the other dogs. 

Dogs that are enrolled in Daycare are already familiar and comfortable with the daily routine and the environment. The dogs know one another better, they have their buddies, and it's just a tiny adjustment to staying overnight. We also know the dog's behavior better, giving us the tools to select safer play groups.

Less stress means less risk of illness or behavioral issues occurring while you are away. And of course, less stress means happier dogs!

To sign up for Lodging, you will first need to bring your dog in for a Daycare Evaluation. Once you have established a Daycare schedule, your dog will also be eligible for Lodging. If we have not seen your dog for 6 months, we may require that you bring your dog in for a day of Daycare before your next Lodging appointment. We would love to meet you and your pup! if you are interested in lodging please sign up today by clicking the link below!


Lodging Rates

$44 per night (pickup after 10am will incur additional Daycare charge)

10% off for package of 10.