Boarding School, Day School & Training

The DeBono Dog Behavior Center, located within Howl n' Woof grounds, provides general training and intensive behavior rehabilitation through Boarding School, Day School, Private Lessons, and Group Classes.

As one of the most trusted trainers in Austin, Steve DeBono specializes in behavior rehabilitation for dogs experiencing problems with fear, anxiety, and "aggressive" behavior. He is well known for helping owners and dogs directly address real world problems using gentle, reward-based methods. Steve has a Masters Degree in Psychology from UT, studying dog behavior as part of Dr. Sam Gosling's Animal Personality Research Lab

With Boarding School programs you drop your dog off for an extended multi-week stay. With Day School programs you drop your dog off twice a week for School Days and pick them up at the end of each day.

During the day, your dog receives a combination of of individual training, group training, and structured playtime with other dogs.

All Boarding and Day School programs include Private Lessons, during which a trainer works with you to help transfer the skills your dog is learning at school into your home. Training on a fully equipped agility course is also included.

There are two varieties of Boarding and Day School, depending on your dog's socialization history:

Life Skills programs focus on 15 skills specifically chosen to help you and your dog navigate your way through the most challenging social situations.

Socialization & Behavior programs focus on improving your dog's interactions with other dogs, humans, and/or the environment, while also teaching them many of the skills from Life Skills programs.

The DeBono Dog Behavior Center also provides intensive Problem Buster workshops for overcoming behavior problems, standalone Private Lessons, and Group classes. 

Please visit the DeBono Dog Behavior Center website,, for much more info.

A low-cost 30 minute Behavior Evaluation or Private Lesson is required before enrolling your dog in Boarding or Day School. 

Some services are better for helping certain problems than others. At the end of the Evaluation, Steve will recommend the training options that he believes will most directly address your problems and goals, taking into consideration your particular lifestyle and situation.  

DeBono Dog Behavior Center is here to to maximize the life you have with your dog, and their services could be one of the best investments you ever make.

Steve's website is also a great resource for dog training content. He offers a free 6 Minute a Day Dog Training course, a comprehensive puppy raising guide, and much more.