Amy & Cody Emmons
Owners of Howl n' Woof Dog Daycare

Together, Amy and Cody have over 20 years of experience working with dogs - in fact, they met when working together at a dog daycare. 


Amy also has several years of experience as a veterinary technician, as a dog trainer, and as a rescue volunteer. These diverse roles have given Amy a unique ability to effectively coordinate all the pieces that come with running a dog daycare - one minute she might be solving a problem with a new dog's anxiety, the next she is answering questions about complicated vaccination rules. Amy is truly a jack of all dog trades.



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Cody's expertise in managing large groups of playful dogs is second to none - he is a true master of the yards. Cody spends multiple days training each staff member on the nuances of dog play behavior, helping them identify appropriate play, showing them how to effectively interrupt inappropriate play, and most importantly, anticipating inappropriate play and stopping it before it even starts!