Amy & Cody Emmons
Owners of Howl n' Woof Dog Daycare

Together, Amy and Cody have over 20 years of experience working with dogs - in fact, they met when working together at a dog daycare. 


Amy also has several years of experience as a veterinary technician, as a dog trainer, and as a rescue volunteer. These diverse roles have given Amy a unique ability to effectively coordinate all the pieces that come with running a dog daycare - one minute she might be solving a problem with a new dog's anxiety, the next she is answering questions about complicated vaccination rules. Amy is truly a jack of all dog trades.



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Cody's expertise in managing large groups of playful dogs is second to none - he is a true master of the yards. Cody spends multiple days training each staff member on the nuances of dog play behavior, helping them identify appropriate play, showing them how to effectively interrupt inappropriate play, and most importantly, anticipating inappropriate play and stopping it before it even starts!



pictured here with her dog Winnie: after adopting her border collie mix Winnie who was dealing with severe separation anxiety, Rebekah began to look into getting a job where she could take her pup with her. Her work experience with animals began at a couple of pet stores, she then moved on to work at a dog daycare where she learned and grew for 3 years before moving on to work with Debono dog training. About a year after that she started with Howl n Woof in 2014. Rebekah is very experienced with shy dogs and feels that gaining shy dogs trust is the most rewarding part of her job. Position acting manager.



has worked at Howl N Woof for six years and she “loves it”! She has over ten years of experience working with dogs and cats including in a veterinary environment. Working in a dog daycare has by far been the most rewarding and challenging. In her spare time, She enjoys hanging out with her daughter and two pups. Yoshi is a 7-year-old yellow lab and Peanut Butter is a 9-year-old cheweenie. “With my knowledge and personal experiences, I hope to keep making a difference in many pups lives.”-Amanda G. Position: Administrator



enjoys spending her time around animals. She has cared for a variety of her own pets growing up, including ferrets, horses, snakes, salamander, chameleon, fish, cats, a pot belly pig, and dogs of course. She currently has two dogs of her own named Phoenix and Odin that she often brings along with her to join in on the fun and socialize with the other dogs. She loves the way dogs give you something to laugh and smile about everyday and enjoys the experience of getting to know many of the dogs at Howl N Woof.

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pictured here with long time daycare pup Oliver. Veronica has been with Howl N Woof since 2017. She has a 10 year old Pekingese /wiener mix named Miclo and a year old kitten named Mickey aka slick Mick. She has always had a passion for animals. "Working at Howl N Woof helps me live my dream of seeing happy doggos everyday."- Veronica. Favorite quote: "Life is a garden. Dig it!”



pictured her with her pal Towser. Kayli grew up in a household forever filled with animals. Dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, all in every color and size one could imagine. This was where her love of such creatures began, encouraged by her parents to share their adoration for pets. When she was 16 Kayli took on her first summer job at Howl N’ Woof. She was enthralled by the idea that dogs had their own language, something she would constantly pursue more knowledge in. Her work experience at the daycare would stick with her until she graduated high school and once again began looking for a job. Howl N’ Woof was the obvious place to go. Welcomed back to Howl N’ Woof, Kayli enjoys her work and looks forward to seeing the dogs each day.