Boarding School, Day School & Training

The DeBono Dog Behavior Center, located within Howl n' Woof grounds, provides services for basic training and intensive treatment for behavior problems through Boarding School, Day School, Private Lessons, and Group Classes.

As one of the most trusted trainers in Austin, Steve DeBono specializes in behavior rehabilitation for dogs experiencing problems with fear, anxiety, and "aggressive" behavior. He is well known for helping owners and dogs directly address real world problems using gentle, reward-based methods. Steve has a Masters Degree in Psychology from UT, studying dog behavior as part of Dr. Sam Gosling's Animal Personality Research Lab

For more details, please visit the DeBono Dog Behavior Center website,

Steve's website is also a great resource for dog training content. He offers a free 6 Minute a Day Dog Training course, a comprehensive puppy raising guide, and much more.